Perfect Posture - Back Pain Magnetic Belt

Perfect Posture - Back Pain Magnetic Belt

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  • Fully adjustable, comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Supporting design helps correct poor posture.
  • Pulls shoulder and back to correct posture.
  • Provides gentle back support.
  • Prevention of adolescent customary humpback.
  • With magnets inside, also works the effect of magnetic therapy.
  • Size: S,M,L,XL,2XL
  • Color: Black, White

Suitable for

  • Children, have incorrect body posture of back and shoulder,
  • Puerpera, back and leg easily pain
  • Poeple that Scoliosis, legs and shoulder are not balanced
  • Soldiers, long term and high intensity training
  • Office workers, long time sitting
  • Teacher and waiter

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